Is a holiday rental right for you?

Whether it’s a villa in Spain, a Farmhouse in Devon or an apartment in Jamacia, great bargains can be available by booking private holiday properties directly from owners. Facilities vary wildly, but most are great for self-catering, and many include pools and barbecues and great views.


Holiday Rentals aren’t for people who like to be waited on hand and foot (Check out our All-Inclusive Package Holidays for That).Guests usually do their own cleaning and washing up. But if you don’t fancy battling for a sun-lounger each morning, private holiday rental properties can offer space for groups of friends or families with kids who need to let off steam.


You can slash food costs by cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and cut luggage space if a washing machine’s included.


Hotels / Package Holidays vs Holiday properties


As a general rule, the larger the group, the bigger the per-person saving. Couples may find hotels sneak ahead of private rentals, though it’s always worth checking – Check for Cheap Hotels at For families of four or bigger groups, holiday rentals can whup hotels’ bottoms on price.


For example, a one-bed apartment for a couple in Biarritz for £800/wk in July, yet a comparable double hotel room nearby was just £550/wk. However, we found a three-bed Crete villa for £450 in August, while a similar quality hotel was £1,560.


In the UK, a four-bed cottage in the Lake District in August for £630/wk – with eight people staying, that’s £11/night each. A comparable hotel for eight people came out at £1,460/wk.


The more folks you cram in, the better. If guests kip in the living room (check ahead if there are sofa beds), the savings can rocket.


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