Preparing Your Home For Long-Term Absence

Traveling the world can take you far away from your home base. Though traveling feeds a part of the soul nothing else can suffice, there is plenty to be said about the comfort of coming home.

Seasoned travelers are aware of what it takes to keep your home in order whilst away, but the novice explorer may need a little insight. Check out a few of the most helpful tips towards preparing your home for a long-term absence, and start planning your next adventure.

Packing and preparation

If your journey is a far extended trip (meaning you’ll be gone for a year or more), you may want to pack up a few things for safe keeping. Clothing sitting in closets for long periods of time can become infested with moths and be ruined if they are not properly stored.

Dust mites and other nuisance can cause a ruckus whilst you’re away, and you want to make sure your “home” still feels like “home” when you get back. Cover your furniture with dust blockers, and make sure everything is sealed up tight.

Invest in home security

Let a security company keep a watchful eye on your property while you are away on your journey. Home security has become exceptionally advanced in the past ten years, and it is now more affordable than ever. Additionally, you could also consider installing CCTVs and a controlled access gate system for some extra security at home, while you are away travelling.

Purchase peace of mind! and invest in home security!

Get a house sitter to stay

Get someone to stay in your house while you are away. A human occupant is the best security system you can find, as long as that person is a trustworthy steward. You’ve seen the movies where the guy trusts the guy that isn’t trustworthy to watch his house. It’s never good.

Close family or a lifelong friend may be your best bet for choosing someone to watch your home. It wouldn’t hurt to also notify one or two neighbors of the arrangement to add accountability.

Take a trip to the post office

If you are leaving your home for any length of time, it is a good idea to stop your mail from coming. A stuffed mailbox is a sure sign the homeowners are away, and a trained thief will not miss the cue.

It only takes a few minutes at the post office to put a hold on your mail. You can also skip the trip, and fill out the necessary paperwork online.

Avoid posting your travel plans

Try not to blast the fact that your home is sitting empty over the social media airwaves. Most people have several hundred “friends” on Facebook or Twitter, and it isn’t uncommon to have connections with people you don’t even know.

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