Some Naked Bikes Sighted in the Streets of Vietnam

You’ve probably never heard the term or you actually own one. This is the nature of naked bikes. A new term defined by light weight minimal high powered motorbikes.

For the novice, they’re basically an engine on two wheels.

Therein lies the beauty – and fun – of a naked bike. Minimal and sexy frames with large engines. Is there any greater sight than a mean sexy naked bike on the streets of Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi? Probably not.

Naked bikes are relatively cheap considering the sex appeal and the engine size. New riders will find them appealing for their thinner frames and price points, while experienced riders will enjoy the refreshing look compared the motorbikes they have rode for years.

 Popular Models in Vietnam

Some popular models you’ll find in the speciality shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City include CBR150 will retails for 69 million VND. Then there’s the more technical Yamaha FZ-07 which can be grabbed for a cool 156 mil VND. And the granddaddy of naked motorbikes seen in Vietnam is the Ducati Monster which you can pick up here for around 190 Mil VND on the low end.

Now before you click away at disgust of these price points consider: there are some dealers who allow for single day rentals of Naked bikes in Hanoi and HCMC.

 Reasons to Love Naked Motorbikes in Vietnam

There’s a litany of reasons to say that naked bikes are the true pleasure of modern street riding in Vietnam. With the tight turns and quick acceleration to get ahead of the cloud of sputtering noisy traffic and just the sheer fashion and sex appeal, the naked bike is the leader on the streets.

Power and handling is the main consideration for any rider whether they are experienced or a novice. The naked bike are known for their light weight, quick and have a low rake which makes it easier to aggressively cut through corners.

What it comes down to is for the most part, Vietnam is a country for riding in the cities. The experience of riding a naked bike in Vietnam can be distilled into the essence of street riding.

With the traffic getting worse and worse in the cities here it might be an option when you want to upgrade the lifestyle.

Cars might be comfortable in terms of weather exposure but if your commute is less than 30 minutes, and for most who live in HCMC or the capital city of Hanoi, it makes sense to consider these elegant and angular creatures for everyday transportation.

What do you think of naked bikes? Are you willing to give it a shot? Or is the price point a major obstacle? Let us know in the comments.

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