Some tips on getting around Malta if you’re a tourist

Malta is a hot destination for tourists. Albeit very popular, it isn’t all that big which makes it perfect for convenient and simple solutions and means for getting around. You can easily find many ways to move to whichever part of the island without too much difficulty. But for first-time visitors or tourists, we have prepared a guide on how to get around Malta!


If you need to take a longer journey (e.g. to the airport or from it) – try carpooling. Services like Cool operate shared and private rides that you can take to seemingly any place on the island. There are convenient apps for your smartphone that will help plan the trip and estimate the costs beforehand.

The biggest benefit of choosing carpooling is that it’s safe, convenient and cheap. You can go from point A to point B conveniently and without spending too much.

Renting a scooter

If you want more independence for your transportation and to plan your own routes or do more rural exploration, renting a scooter seems like the best option. A car isn’t all that necessary when distances aren’t bigger than 20km most of the time.

If you’re not from the UK, Australia, Japan – keep in mind that Maltese drive on the left side. Thus, it takes some time to adjust, if you come from other parts of the world where drive is left-hand side.

However, scooters are more suitable for urban and reaching the more accessible places.

Public buses

In Malta and Gozo, public buses are the preferred means of transportation for anyone who doesn’t own a car or a scooter. These buses are commuting in quite decent intervals which means that you can reach most tourist hotspots without any huge trouble.

Keep in mind that during the tourist season, buses can get crowded, so if you want more convenient options – the next tip is for you!

Renting a car

Cheapest daily rentals cost from 15€ per day. It’s probably the most expensive from the options on this list, but, of course, it’s likely to be the most convenient. You can comfortably travel with your personal items and keep cool with the A/C or lowering down the windows. Renting a car is best if you wish to have complete freedom in your travel and enjoy the most difficult-to-reach and remote places.

International driving licenses are accepted and you can find numerous brands that offer car rental services, on the island. There are also chauffeur-driven cars.