Travel Greenland – From Land to Sea

Greenland is one of the world’s famous travel destinations, which is why so many people from all over the world visit this place. This island nation is located in the northern region of the Arctic Ocean. The largest town of Greenland is Nuuk, which is found to be on the western coast of Greenland. People from Europe, North America, and Asia can visit this beautiful island and enjoy some of the best adventures that their hearts can dream off.

One of the main attractions of a travel Greenland vacation in Greenland would be exploration of its vast array of icebergs. It is these icebergs that have been the site of some of the finest explorer expeditions and scientific studies conducted by experts from around the world. There are a number of tour operators who specialize in taking travelers on trips around Greenland. These tours provide ample information about the flora and fauna of this exotic island, as well as the history and important wildlife specimens. They also arrange for a variety of Greenland vacations, including Greenland spa trips, sailing adventures and glacier rafting tours.

When planning for Greenland vacations, it is wise to contact the hotels in Greenland and book rooms accordingly. The Internet is a valuable tool for all types of travel and tourism. There are plenty of web portals that specialize in offering information about the best time to visit Greenland, what to do there, and where to stay. In addition, there are plenty of online shops that provide Greenland vacation packages, tours and activities. It is advisable to shop around for flights to Greenland when traveling to this beautiful island, since cheap flights to Greenland are easily available during off-peak seasons.

If you want to see all that is present and discover the very best that this country has to offer, you should definitely take a Greenland travel Greenland itinerary. Such an itinerary would give you an idea about all the important sites, activities, restaurants and places to visit on your visit to the North Pole. All the arrangements made for your trip would be according to your preference.

One of the most popular activities in which tourists to Greenland indulge themselves in is ice skating in Nuuk. This picturesque resort town offers numerous glazed pubs and restaurants to serve food and drinks. Besides this, tourists to Greenland have access to a great array of exciting activities such as fishing, sailing, hiking and more. A guided tour of this region would not be complete without inclusion of a visit to the world famous observatory at Cape Reinga. Cape Reinga is a traditional home to hundreds of humpback whales migrating from the Southern Hemisphere to the Arctic Ocean each year.

The most reliable way of getting to Greenland, besides flying to Denmark and taking a train or bus, is via sea. Flights from Copenhagen to Nuuk arrive in just two hours, while journeys by boat take about three days. You can make your bookings for the Greenlandic railway cruise in advance and avoid the rush during summer by opting for the all-inclusive 14-day Greenland itinerary that includes hotel accommodations and tours of all interesting places along the coast. This kind of Greenlandic tour packages guarantees you an exclusive travel experience, with everything that you want and nothing that you do not.