Tips For Traveling While Recovering

One of the most popular things to do at almost anytime of the year is to travel. From over nighters to month long vacays, we spend almost as much time trying to get away from things as we do making the money to afford it. When you are in recovery, though, there are some extra things to keep in mind. What is normally a good time to most can signal failure on the road to recovery. Below are a few tips for making sure that you have a great time on vacation while staying true to the promise to stay sober.

If Alcohol Plays, Stay Away

As a recovering addict of any kind can tell you, alcohol can be a gateway to a world of hurt. Just one drink can put cracks in the foundation of a recovering addict. This can make staying sober extremely difficult and set up a typically dangerous situation for the addict and those involved. These days, alcohol is in no small supply. You can just about walk into any store or restaurant and be bombarded by the likeness of it.

Not to mention, the commercials and billboards that scream its praises. While traveling abroad, make sure that you steer clear of outlets and venues that serve alcohol. Additionally, when alcohol is present, there is usually an environment that encourages its use as well as the use of illegal drugs. Stick to restaurants and venues that do not make alcohol part of their local flavor.

For those battling alcohol addiction, exposure to such environments may escalate their cravings and lead to a relapse. It’s crucial to stay away from alcohol and avoid triggers that could jeopardize your sobriety. If you find yourself struggling to resist, seeking professional rehabilitation care facilities, such as these Paramount Recovery Centers, can provide the support and resources needed to overcome addiction and maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Pick Sober Travel Buddies

As with any trip, it’s always better with a buddy and friends are essential to a successful recovery. On vacation, we play pranks, cut up, waste time, and make countless memories with them. It makes sense that they would be memories that you can actually remember and that, hopefully, don’t involve the authorities. So, find some travel partners who don’t need alcohol for a good time. Family friends, your best friend, and friends from church are all good options.

Family friends have usually been a part of your life for quite a while and will tend to respect the struggle and what is needed to overcome it. Your best friend was probably in on most of your parties and has seen you through your downfall and struggle and is more likely to stick with you through the recovery process. If you attend a local church, you already know quite a few ways to party without the use of alcohol and recreational drugs. You also probably already have someone in mind. Invite them.

Watch For Stressors

There are several triggers for a recovering addict. Among them are things that cause immense stress. The average person is exposed to tons of stress every day, but are usually capable of dealing with the majority of it in a way that is not detrimental to them or those that surround them. A recovering addict, on the other hand, can have trouble coping with the anxiety and demands that a point of stress may place on them. Remember what you learned in rehab.

Make sure to plan your trip down to the tiniest detail. This may sound trivial, but preparing for every outcome you can think of on a trip can provide some well needed solace. Your vacation can actually be utilized as a vacation. Call ahead and confirm your reservations. Have a backup plan for a rainy day and always make sure that you and your travel buddies are aware of how to help you cope should things go awry.

Follow these tips and I guarantee you will return from your next vacation rested (mentally anyway) and with many great memories.

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