Electronic Document Management System for your Treks

The planning stages for long treks and holidays involving treks can be significantly time consuming. Of course, you want to ensure that you’re seeing the best parts of each location, managing time efficiently and being safe while doing so. This is where an electronic document management system comes into play as the best solution.

Choose enterprise document management system software

As you are simply organizing files for your personal treks, a free enterprise document management system software is most likely the best option. What exactly is enterprise document management system software? You may be asking. Well, there is an array of  electronic online platforms you can use which allows you to store files and access them from any device. This means if you upload them from your computer, you can see them on your phone, and it also means that other people going on the trek can easily access filed documents. Google docs are an example of this. For additional features, you can pay for systems such as M Files. When it comes to treks, a beneficial feature could be the ability to access files without the internet. Ensure you look around for suitable enterprise document management system software first before spending time filing documents into a system that doesn’t suit your needs.  

Utilize folders in your document management system

As opposed to simply saving documents without a specific format, folders enable easy access when you do need to retrieve information. You certainly don’t want to be on your trek, or on the way there, stressing because you can’t find a booking reference, address or map. Create a document management system which works for your unique trips and your brain. Ensure the filing system is instinctual. For instance, you may want to file everything regarding one trip into a file with the location name. Within that, you may have a folder for maps, a folder for food locations, and one for addresses. 

Consistent labeling and checklist 

Once you have implemented your document management system, the key is to be consistent with your filing. In this manner, you can again access information instantly when and as you need. This means having labeling protocols. For example, you could have the location, followed by the style of document and then more information if needed – West Coast – Accommodation addresses”.  A checklist with similar consistency will also ensure you have all the documents and information you need within your document management system. This could be Maps, AirBnB contacts, addresses, and so forth. Once everything is all planned, do a run through of your checklist and tick it off as you physically see you have those files in your document management system. 

One last tip is to ensure that when you are in the midst of choosing your document management software, you are comparing software available in your given location. You do not want to compare pros and cons to then find out you cannot even purchase or use the software in your current location. This could be as simple as a search such as “document management system nz”. With these tips on hand, enjoy a streamlined trek!