Exercises to Do While You are Travelling

Travelling is always an exciting pursuit, no matter where go, who with or why. It could be you are taking time out to explore new places, or perhaps you have to travel for business. Or, you might just be taking your regular yearly holiday, or a hard-earned break from work. Even when travelling, exercise and keeping fit is important, yet it can be easy to overlook when you are having fun or entranced by the wonders of a fresh place and culture. That’s why we thought we’d talk about exercises that you can do on the move, to keep you healthy and fresh so you can enjoy your travels.

First, you can do the simple exercises that are performed back home. If you carry a yoga mat – and they are very light, versatile and cheap – you can unfurl it just about anywhere, and perform sit ups, press ups and more. You may even wish to engage in your preferred yogic practices, or perhaps some other form of meditation. This is important for the well-being of both your body and mind, and helps you relax at a time when it may be difficult to find time to do so.

Find an Outdoor Gym

Keeping fit is popular the world over, and it is noticeable that there are public outdoor gym sites cropping up everywhere. Even in the UK you can find them in many public parks, and they are a great idea. You won’t find many complex items of gym equipment, but the basic items you will be able to use are perfect for travellers who want to keep fit. An outdoor gym will typically include a chinning bar, for example, which is a surprisingly versatile device used for a varied amount of exercises. Chin-ups, pull ups and more are all great exercise when on the move, so if you can, check out where the outdoor gym equipment is available where you are heading.

Cycling is a great exercise – and also a great way of getting around many of the world’s most exciting towns and cities – so hire a bike and go exploring! Whatever you do, keep on the move, as staying still for too long is not a recommended option. A jog may also be your thing, and you will find many people share your passion in parks across the world.

Enjoy Your Travels

More than anything, keeping fit while on the move will allow you to enjoy your travelling to the full, so you get more out of your trip. There are so many different countries and cultures in this world and we are lucky to be able to move around relatively easily, so you should take advantage of the freedom of movement we have in most places. Remember to exercise when you can, and keep your body and mind in trim, and you will be able to get the best out of your journey, whether at home or in more exotic climes.

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