The Doctor Prescribes Travel For Your Illnesses

Traveling naturally takes us away from our everyday stressors, and presents us as individuals in a whole new setting, stripping away the facade built by our roles in life.  Beyond the obvious enjoyment of discovering a new place, the psychological benefits of travel are numerous.

Researchers have found that travel can be helpful in treating several different common illnesses.  Chill with us for a moment, and read on while we lay out just a few of the reasons why the doctor would definitely prescribe travel for your afflictions.

Travel is excellent addiction therapy

Not only is it often helpful to travel to another city, or even country, for addiction rehabilitation, travel itself is effective as treatment for addiction.  Though some people may see traveling for addiction treatment as a way to run away, it is quite the opposite.

Traveling to treat drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most intensive ways to make yourself face those pesky demons.  The best way to become vulnerable is to take yourself out of the situations that facilitate your addiction.  Travel is a proverbial reset button for life.

Travel has been proven to allay depression

The process of traveling to a new destination gives you focus.  For however long you choose to travel, there is a clear itinerary to follow.  Every day is a race to get from point A to point B in the most effective manner.

There is no time to wade in our own self pity and depression if we are focused upon finding the right gate for the next flight.  There is no time to be sad when you experience the vast beauty of the Grand Canyon or the Cayman Islands.

Physical health gets a boost from activity

For those of us who suffer from a sedentary lifestyle, travel is the perfect medicine.  It is very difficult to be super lazy when you are traveling around the world.  Airports require walking.  Beaches require trudging through the difficult sands to enjoy the refreshing splash of the ocean.

Perspective is reality

The mental repercussions of perspective are strong.  A person’s perspective is their reality in any given situation.  If you think it is hot in the room, it will be hot in the room.  Obviously that does not work when the temperature is below freezing, but you get the point.

Traveling reframes your perspective on life whether you want it to, or not.  Seeing how other people live will change the way you see your life.

Vulnerability helps us grow

When a person is removed from all their most familiar surroundings, they tend to feel quite vulnerable.  When we feel vulnerable, we grow.  Allow yourself to be put in new and exciting situations.

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