Vacation Activities For Nature Lovers

When it comes to going on vacation there are lots of things that you can do.  From lounging at the pool to sleeping in, to going out to bars and clubs.  There are lots of tourist attractions that appeal to the average traveler.  However, there are those types of travelers that prefer to enjoy the more natural sides of vacation, taking in the beautiful scenery and sights and avoiding the tourist traps and strip malls.

If you are one of these people and you enjoy connecting with nature and have an addiction to beautiful sights, here are some ideas for what to fill your vacation calendar with.


A hike is something that has the power to completely recharge your soul and connect you with some of nature’s most incredible views and locations.  When you go on a hike you can disconnect from the day to day grind of technology, distractions, and other things that bog your mind down disconnecting you from the magnificent earth that surrounds you.

Sometimes you can find locations to hike in places that you never imagined were there.  All it takes is a map or a local who has the inside scoop.  Try asking around and seeing if there are any hidden gems in your vacation spot which might prove interesting for a great hike.


Sometimes a swim in a beautiful body of water is just what the doctor ordered. Whether it be a lake, river, or a roaring ocean, swimming is something that many nature lovers adore.  Try asking the concierge at your hotel if there are any watering holes nearby that they recommend.

Sometimes even if you are staying at a beach location and the main beach may seem the obvious place to go, there are often secretly hidden beaches that are more remote and free of tons of other tourists. It is always worth asking around about.

Horseback Riding

Most places with tourists have horseback riding available.  If you look around at brochures offered in tourist locations like cafes and bars you will often find a company that offers tours in the area.

If you are lucky you will find a sunset tour or even better and sunset oceanside tour. Depending on where you are in the world you can have some incredible horseback riding sessions which are full of adventure and beautiful views.


In places like Mexico where there are lots of lush jungle and high heights to swing from, you can find zip lining tours.  This means you are suspended onto a zip line which stretches through miles of forest and jungle which you zip through like some kind of wild monkey through the trees.

This can be one of the most exciting things you can do as a tourist and is highly recommended if you love the outdoors.



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