4 Reasons Camping Is a Great Family Vacation

Often when parents start to think about planning a family vacation they start to think of places like Disneyland or other locations which involve plane tickets, lots of money, and luggage.  Their heads start to spin as the numbers start adding up and they wonder how they are ever going to afford to take the whole family on a trip without dropping a few thousand that they simply don’t have.  

However, for some reason, they fail to forget that camping is a super fun and affordable option which you can find just about anywhere.  A simple Google search will reveal campgrounds or camping spots in the woods in your area which you can get to by car.  It may not be as far from your home geographically as you would be if you were to get on an airplane,  but you can be sure that you will have a fun adventure with the whole family exploring nature and doing all of the fun stuff that we remember fondly about our family camping trips. Here are the reasons why camping is a great option for your family vacation besides the obvious cost benefits.

You Can Teach Your Kids Basic Skills

There are certain life skills that come along with camping trips like going fishing, making a fire, and surviving in the woods.  They can be great skills to teach your kids for them to carry on into the later years of their lives.

In this modern age, the importance of learning things like pitching a tent is getting lost.  It can be a great bonding experience to teach your kids all of the fun things that come along with camping.  

You Can “Unplug” From Modern Society

We can become so used to the modern comforts of home that we start to get accustomed to our “plugged-in” lives leaving us to feel disconnected from each other and in some cases depressed.

When we stare at screens all day we start to forget the joys that come with the wonders of nature and all it encompasses.

Sitting Around The Fire Is a Classic Pastime

If you never sat around a bonfire roasting marshmallows singing songs and making your clothes smell like a barbecue then you never really had a childhood.

There is nothing more classic than a good old campfire. You can tell ghost stories, make s’mores, and sing songs.  

Your Kids Will Learn To Appreciate The Basics

Camping is fun for a few days then after a while, you start to get a little itchy, you start missing things like televisions, a proper bed, and a hot shower.  Your kids may not have ever experienced life without these comforts before, so a camping trip can be a great learning experience to appreciate things they may have taken for granted.



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