Serviced Apartment vs. Apartment Hotel: What’s the Difference?

People are often confused by the difference between a serviced apartment and an apartment hotel. It’s easy to see why since they seem so similar, but the difference is relatively simple to understand. Essentially, a serviced apartment will usually be converted from an older property, and each property will generally only contain one or two serviced apartments. In contrast, an apartment hotel will be around the same size as a standard hotel, but it will contain apartments instead of standard rooms.

Now you understand the difference between serviced apartment and apartment hotel, you should also learn why serviced apartments often prove superior.

Perfect Location

As stated above, an apartment hotel will be quite large. They are normally built from scratch to ensure that each apartment is the same size and shape. As such, they tend to be constructed outside of city centres; it’s often either extremely expensive or impossible to find the necessary square footage in the middle of things. A serviced apartment will usually be positioned in the centre, so you’ll be closer to all the main attractions and find getting around much easier.

More Interesting Buildings

Serviced apartments are extremely practical, with enough space to feel homey and all the modern comforts and conveniences you could desire. However, they also speak to people who want something a little different. The building itself will often be converted from an older property, and the interior will be totally unique, incorporating hand-picked furniture and traditional features. The same can’t be said of an apartment hotel. Each apartment will be designed the same, so you’ll never feel particularly inspired by your surroundings.

Stronger Service

Finally, apartment hotels tend to fall short when it comes to customer service, at least compared to serviced apartments. The apartment hotel is designed to take as many people as possible, so the attention you receive is never going to feel particularly personal. Serviced apartment bookings will usually connect you to a dedicated service manager – they’ll be available throughout your stay to help with whatever you need.

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