The 3 Best Stories of Senior Travel Around the Globe

The desire for peace and security is something that resonates deeply within all of us, especially as we enter our golden years. Most individuals save their entire lives to ensure that they can live out their retirement years in the way they always dreamt of.

For some people, finding solace in the familiar comforts of their own home or in a luxurious elderly setting providing independent living for seniors is the epitome of contentment. The sense of community, the care provided, and the tranquility of a routine makes it an appealing option.

However, there is a growing trend among seniors that defies convention and embraces a life of exploration and adventure – senior travel. These individuals, driven by a thirst for new experiences and a desire to break free from the confines of their comfort zones, embark on journeys around the globe.

Are you an older adult from the latter category and are looking to travel around the globe in your retirement years? Your golden years don’t have to be spent staying indoors in the same place where you raised your children! You can travel and see the world instead!

There are multiple senior travel groups that you can choose from such as your college alumni association, travel agent groups, or National Geographic expeditions. If you think you might be too old to go traveling the world, then you just might need to read the following stories and learn about three exciting stories from travelers in their golden years. Let’s get right into it!

One woman traveled for a decade

Sherill, a 72-year-old woman, decided to pack up her life completely after raising her children and retiring, according to the publication Nomadic Matt. At 62 years old, Sherill began traveling the world and hasn’t stopped yet!

The senior read a book called ‘1,000 Places to See Before You Die’ and decided to follow through to visit all the locations in the book.

First, Sherill went to Mexico and was planning to stay for three months. The trip ended up lasting three years instead! One tip that Sherill has is to make sure you have health insurance for travel and have your medical information on hand.

One couple in their 70s sold their house to travel

Don and Alison weren’t sure whether or not to stay put in their house or try to live a life of travel. They eventually decided to move away from traditional ways and sold their house in order to travel the globe.

This 70-year-old couple has traveled through Europe as well as India. The couple also saw their family in Australia and visited South East Asia along with Mexico.

One older couple saw Panama

Two senior citizens, a husband and wife, went to Panama and loved it! It’s easy to see why – the greenery along with the hills and valleys will take your breath away and you may even see a herd of cattle as you make your way up a mountain. Traveling to Panama for senior citizens is definitely an excellent idea.

We hope that these stories have given you a reason to consider traveling in your golden years. Remember that some senior citizens have been traveling for years to amazing destinations like Panama, Europe, and Australia and even further afield. You might want to do the same!

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