6 Amazing Budget Tips to have a Fantastic Holiday

Are you looking to head off on holiday in the near future? Trips abroad can rack up when it comes to costs, so you’ll need to make sure you budget in a way in which you’re squeezing every penny out of a vacation as possible. Here are six amazing budget tips which’ll ensure you have a fantastic holiday.

  1. Book in off seasons

While it won’t always be possible, if you can work it so you book your holiday during a period of global “downtime”, you’ll be able to find prices for flights and accommodation which are considerably cheaper all round.

You’ll be able to find a plethora of different price comparison websites, which serve to provide you with a detailed list of how much specific flights will cost throughout the course of the year. This could save you as much as 300% off the price of flights in busier periods.

  1. Don’t use airport express services

In the UK in particular, these types of direct transportation systems have been implemented for airports to squeeze even more out of their unsuspecting foreign customers. Sure, a direct route to your next destination seems great, but it’s horrendously overpriced.

These types of journeys can cost as much as four times more – with a trip on the Heathrow Express racking up to as much as £36, when a ride on the Tube would cost just £10 over the exact same distance. This type of “premium” service can be found anywhere across the globe. Don’t get caught out.

  1. Watch for hidden costs

You might be aware of the overall price of your holiday, but have you taken those additional extras into account? There are a plethora of hidden costs which can slowly start to rack up, with just some to consider including:

  • Dog kennels – which can cost £13 a day
  • Cattery – as much as £8 a day
  • Vaccinations – prices can reach up to £100

It’s these prices which don’t initially grab your attention that can often prove the most frustrating – as well as the primary cause of a budget being busted. Paying for something you didn’t originally consider is a sure way to lose a grip of your finances.

  1. Stay by a beach

Sure, we’d all love our very own private pool in the Villa we’re staying at – but is it really worth the additional cost? This can add up to literally hundreds of pounds excess on top of the cost of your accommodation.

To avoid the price piling up, you could instead elect to choose a location which is near to the sea. This serves as your (free) personal swimming pool, which has 24/7 access – assuming conditions are suitable.

  1. Use a pre-paid currency card

These magical cards allow you to transfer money straight from your bank account to the card, working on that current day’s exchange rate. This has been proven to beat airport currency exchange rates by 8% and travellers’ cheques by 4% when it comes to conversion rates.

These cards also have the ability to link to your natural account and then pay for meals, or any other item you’re purchasing. Again, the exchange rates are incredibly favourable when compared to flat cash methods.

  1. Find cheap days out

Not every worthwhile attraction is going to cost a fortune. In fact, some won’t make you spend so much as a penny. Find venues which offer reasonable prices, or, failing that, just go for long walks through cities or towns of cultural interest or significance. You’ll be amazed what kind of gems you’ll find.

Take heed of these amazing budgeting tips and you’ll find yourself saving a fortune when you head off on your holiday. Remember – just because you’re going abroad, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

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